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Pakistan has about 500 or more digital marketing companies active right now, and there are many companies that give birth every day, but without proper guidance; because it is not easy, and in the end, there is a rise and fall in some companies every day. With high competition in the market, business

Along with this, the company companies in Pakistan are at saturation point – from here to where? Just because there is a lot of uncertainty in the ecosystem, the way things are delivered as well as expectations.

Here are some of the challenges that a digital marketing companies typically faces:

Client Win and Client Retention:

Many companies start an company with one or two clients at hand but later stumble when they are not in a position to win any new clients. Winning a customer is one of the biggest challenges you will face when there is a lot of competition. Especially in markets such as Lahore

Client retention is another problem in the marketing industry. Customer awareness is not enough, and on one side, a fine understanding of spending thousands of rupees in traditional campaigns, on the contrary, do not see great value in Digital.

Most customers try to stick to the company at a rate of 3 years and then they think about moving away. There could be lots of reasons for this, like –

  • Ask Hike and face the consequences: When a small company asks for an interest rate hike in their monthly account, they are often threatened by customers with an exit statement to find an alternative company. However, company owners do not say goodbye to these customers because they fear that their cash flows and profit margins will somehow affect them by trying to satisfy themselves by saying that they are their oldest customers and therefore want to maintain the relationship.

Digital Variable Scene:

Many companies are washed because they are unable to handle the rapidly changing digital landscape. The changing landscape of the digital demands of the first strategy and the following creativity, but the advertising companies, which turned into digital companies that put creativity first, failed to work towards a strategic strategy.

The digital landscape may change overnight and the population in Pakistan needs to be sensitized; for example, half of them do not even understand the value of ads on social networks or other digital platforms. Such customers will give you a fixed fixture and wait for magic to happen.

Unrealistic Pakistani Client Expectations:

Sometimes clients take companies for granted. Some customers have unrealistic requests as a wedding invitation card, wedding cards, birthday cards, birthday card etc. Many companies can do this just to please their customers or to keep them. But in the end you should refuse to refuse or charge for this feature and you will realize that it will not ask you again for service.

Customer Payments:

The biggest error companies are that they do not sign a contract previously with the customer before they start offering their services to them, and often, they do not even request payment from the client in time. The ideal company  must raise bills on time, timely payment payments, as well as stop providing their services if payments are not made.

Paying the customer is a fuel survival company, so do not give up on it. Learn about the payment history for customers from others who have already worked.

Use of cards:

This is once again one of the biggest challenges.

For example, for Facebook ads, we generally convince customers to use their cards, where there is a lot of transparency. By raising your bills, you will have to pay the reverse service tax and charge the customer service charges on billing. Thus, the customer always believes that the budget is not properly injected and asks for proof just to make sure that the money has gone right hand.

As an company, we insist customers use their cards only and direct their accounts within the company account. Or get an advance from the client for ads; because this is something you can not chase later.

Continuous drain:

Most companies operate in Pakistan with the Millennium Generation, and working with the Millennium mentality is a challenge in itself. Exhaustion is one of the main challenges facing companies, as well as is the concept of floating employees. Once the digital crowd starts by more than 30, there will be a lot of dormancy in the floating masses.

Expand Company:

Most companies usually stumble here because they do not know how to expand their business. Sorting to open new offices in new locations may be a new name. But every time you consider expanding a company, you may notice that your basic employee leaves or you may see your current client unhappy.

There is a fine line between your current situation and the state of your imagination. One can start signing contracts with your current customers and taking them in secret to sign a contract to stay with you for at least two years. So first you need to secure what you have, and this will help you convince future investors.

Lack of talent:

Digital marketing is a casual career for many. Talent is the biggest problem in the digital marketing industry because mostly novices will have to mold them to become digitally marketed only well through experience. While experienced people do not usually like to join agencies as they find their solace only from the client.

Balance Life with Work:

The market is so competitive that you may miss something really big when you book your airline tickets or your customer may be very keen to do something fast.

There may come times when you cannot refuse a job and end up pulling out the whole family. This definitely attracts a lot from you and you’ll definitely find your ways to balance your personal and professional life.

Maintain employee culture:

Your employees must work in full coordination with each other to maximize productivity. You will not be able to make them work as a team unless you keep their happiness.

As long as you provide your employees with appropriate incentives and maintain a healthy working environment, there is no need to worry about their continued presence after the job is done.

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