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Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing plays a crucial role in today’s world and quickly helps get noticed and get traffic. Therefore, it is necessary to make adequate investments in social media marketing using some famous channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and many more similar websites. Building a solid user base on these channels will help you make sure you get a dedicated number of users from these platforms.

User Data Customization:

Data personalization is crucial in today’s world and plays an important role in the sales and popularity of several technology giants. The personalization of data helps companies to provide users with personalized content that may interest them and, therefore, obtain a better response from users. Therefore, personalization of user data is to invest in the year 2020. It helps users to feel connected to the website, which in turn is useful for businesses as well. Artificial intelligence can be used to accomplish this feat. It is quite essential, as it helps you create 1 to 1 marketing. These can help you create personalization, audience segmentation and marketing optimization.


It can be any product, most users face problems with them. Therefore, they look for solutions to their problem in several ways. However, it is necessary for the company to handle the problems that users face and answer their questions. Instant support is quite useful in this case, as it helps users get rid of their problems.

In the traditional instance, humans are hired to provide support to users to get rid of their problems. However, the manual method of providing support is repetitive and can be serviced by chatbots made with AI that can help users with instant and relevant information. You can also use various data from different sources to add customization. Some websites, applications and social media channels use chatbots to provide the best services to users. It also helps save money for the business, since they need to invest less in humans and can also provide satisfactory answers to users. Numerous companies make use of chatbots, which are expected to increase further in the year 2020. Check out some of the most innovative chatbots used to meet conversation needs.

Make Proper Use Of Mobile Technology:

With the advent of mobile technology in today’s world, it becomes necessary to take full advantage of the same. An important part of website visitors now use mobile phones to navigate and meet their needs. Therefore, it is also necessary to extend the reach on mobile platforms. It is also essential that websites are easy to use.

The attraction of the mobile user base can be done by advertising on various mobile social media platforms, with the aim of obtaining a higher ranking in search engines, answering questions asked by users and searching by voice. Some applications also help provide better services to users. About a fifth of search requests come from voice search. Questions such as who, what, where, when, why and how they should be answered. Apart from that, several queries may arise in people’s minds at any particular time. Answering these questions can also be quite useful from a commercial point of view. Providing answers to the questions helps users benefit from the information and companies can also benefit from the instant decisions that users make.

Video Advertising:

Text advertising still exists, as numerous websites still support it and are used by several people. But, now the trend has changed more and more towards video advertising as seen in some social media channels. The popularity of video marketing can be determined by the fact that YouTube has become a bigger search engine than Google.

The videos have allowed viewers to understand the information in a better way. It also improves user participation and guarantees a better ROI. Video advertising on different platforms is expected to increase much more. By 2020, it is assumed that about 80% of online consumer traffic comes from videos.


These are some of the things that should be taken into account during digital marketing for the company, apart from those mentioned above. You need to implement the above in your digital marketing campaign in the year 2020. However, you also need to keep up to date with the latest digital marketing trends to make the most of it.

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