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Digital marketing Growth:

Through digital marketing, you can take some small steps that will have an impact on your business
Digital marketing is now one of the leading methods of acquiring customers for business. Small and large
businesses are considered digital marketing as a key part of their marketing and growth strategy. It
seems that the direction of digital marketing continues to rise.
The rise in digital marketing adoption means that you have to find ways to keep your business growing
while increasing market competitiveness. Just to put it in perspective, the 2016 Digital Marketing Trends
report shows that 76 per cent of digital marketers will offer more content.
With the market increasingly narrowing, increasing budgets to attract more customers, how can you
keep your business growing without spending yourself dry?

1. Start a blog

Many companies are now making use of Internet access to acquire customers today. But many are
ignoring a powerful tool to make it effective. Blog. From what data says, companies that have an active
blog will attract 67% of potential customers.
The code can greatly affect the growth of your business, without costing you much to start. You only
need to install a free WordPress platform on your website and publish content on them regularly to get
While many companies are still considering blogging as a major marketing strategy, many marketers are
already making progress. Blogging is also very effective for companies, and is one of the most trusted
sources of information for customers. The report states that it is the fifth most reliable source for
accurate information on the Internet.
This means that your blog will not only help you attract more potential customers, but also help build
trust with your customers.

2. Write for other publications:

Appearing on other publications is another small step in digital marketing that can greatly affect your
business. Being a premium contributor to reliable publications can make you look like an expert. Being a
writer for other publications, or a regular guest blogger, has many benefits that will return to all aspects
of your digital marketing efforts.
In a 2015 expert report on the importance of guest blogging, the majority of experts ( leading
digital marketing specialists) said guest blogging would play more important roles than building
back links.

3. Hire a social media manager:

Social networks are an important growth engine for companies. At a time when employers are taking
steps to ensure their presence at all major social outlets, the expertise needed to achieve effectiveness
is still lacking.
A great solution is to hire a social media manager to help take care of your business at key social outlets
and help your business attract more potential customers. It should not cost you much to hire a social
media manager. Most social media marketers are freelancers working with many companies, so they are
able to maintain costs and lower fees.
If you have resources, owning an expert in the company is a much better option because this ensures
that you still have sufficient control.

4. Optimize Your Website Design

Your website is often the first point of contact between your company and your customers. This means
that what they see on your website will give you an impression of your business. Many businesses lose
more customers than they do because of bad site design. How your website & design and feel can have a
big impact on your business performance. Take your business growth a step further by optimizing the
design of your website.


Online Marketing Basics for Start-Ups:

Digital marketing is a very effective tool in business development. You do not need to break a bank or
get a huge marketing budget before you can influence the growth of your business through digital
marketing. By experimenting with some of the tips you just shared, you should start seeing more growth
for your business.

Breaking Down Online Marketing

When it comes to the basics of online marketing, you can basically divide things into four categories:
search engines, content creation / distribution, social media and paid advertising. Although customers,
products and services will initially dictate exactly how to proceed, the online marketing strategy relies
on all of these efforts to a certain degree. Depending on the nature of your company, some strategies
may be more profitable than others.

It is a great deal of trial and error like anything else, but this guide will allow you to see the importance
of each category and can help you in a certain direction. Let& analyze each of the four sections and offer
some tips along the way.

Search engines:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical to transforming Internet users into potential customers. SEO
is basically the way you get to categorize your website and internet pages on major search engines. You
typically do this by targeting specific keywords, developing high-quality content, and constantly
analyzing your structure.
"The best snapshot of early success is capturing traffic in your city," said Robert Ramirez, a search engine
optimist and former Internet legal marketing specialist. This means organizing your pages and content in

a way that includes specific keywords. To find the right keywords, ask yourself what you& looking for if
you request a product or service of your own.
As local search has evolved over the past few months and years, Google has facilitated location targeting
based on location. Using the tools they provide, you can create a business page with Google+ and
automatically appear in local search results.

Create content / distribution:

In conjunction with search engine optimization, you will need to develop a detailed marketing plan for
your content. This includes actionable steps to create and publish content to audiences. Google search
algorithms reward high-quality content. As such, your ability to produce content that& of interest to
your audience will always help you get a clear view.
While most people imagine content as news articles and blog posts, it goes beyond that. Depending on
your audience, your content marketing strategy may consist of visual elements such as videos and
images. Take, for example, this graph by Ruvolo Law on divorce in America. It combines good visual and
attractive information, a good example of what the Internet likes (and reads).

Social media

You can not talk about online marketing without including social media in the discussion. What was once
considered a passing mantle is now a stable opportunity for business growth. Social media are more
influential than ever in marketing, but also affect search engine rankings in the beginning. Using
platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, you can humanize your company and reach
people wherever they are. You can create a community of people interested in getting started – and
these people can share your content easily.

For best results, make sure that your social networking profiles are fully developed, accurate and
constantly updated. You can then use these sites as forms to distribute content – such as news outlets.
One of the best aspects of social media is easy analysis of performance and ROI.
On your social media page, you can choose not to publish your business updates only. Keep in mind
what interests people interested in starting your business. If starting your business in the technology
sector, sharing interesting and fun tech news is a great way to attract fans to share your posts.

Paid advertising:

Finally, category IV refers to paid advertising. Like a traditional print ad, paid online advertising lets you
reach people when and wherever you want. When you use Facebook Advertising or Google AdWords,
you& typically use the pay-per-click (PPC) form. Under this form, you & only pay to the advertiser when
they click on your ad. This makes them a cost-effective marketing method, ensuring that money is not
wasted when no value is received.

Before you start any paid advertising strategy, important to understand the costs you can add quickly
when your ads show hundreds of thousands (and maybe millions of people). This is where the budgeting
feature goes into effect. All paid advertising channels allow you to set budgets for every hour, daily,
weekly, or monthly. Basically, once you reach a certain threshold, your ad is stopped until the next specified period begins. Use these features to your advantage so you get a good idea of ​​your return on

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