Advanced SEO Tactics To Outperform Your Competitors In 2019

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The world has grown so competitive that even some of the most important digital marketing trends will make no difference if they are not accompanied by strong strategies for SEO.
We all remember the times of a decade ago when it was so easy to achieve a high ranking on Google for almost any keyword you mean. All it took was three months of classic tricks for SEO because there were no strict guidelines to follow or any algorithm limitations. Keywords were stuffed everywhere, in bold and anchor text, the contents were repeated. All this went well and we were able to confidently predict the results within three months.
This win-win situation for each SEO process changes quickly when Google releases algorithms that are beginning to target low-quality content, low-quality links, and link farms. These algorithms were a raider for both Google and SEO because many companies had great success in their traffic and many of them were completely destroyed. Of course, makes everyone try harder to provide better values ​​through high-quality content and user experience, creating enormous competition. So if you’re looking to outperform your competitors in 2019, you’ll need some advanced SEO techniques.

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Hand-in-Hand With UX

Starting with your SEO plan, the first thing you need to build to perfection is your user experience. The reason is very simple – UX requires numbers owned by SEO, and SEO requires a strong web design architecture that UX needs to provide, which means that both need to work hand in hand. The user experience covers all aspects of user interaction with a company as a whole, with its products and services, which means that your web design should go beyond the beautiful appearance. If you take a look at the successful design of our DML site, you’ll see a whole team of highly experienced, creative and passionate people, including digital marketers, content creators, SEO specialists, web developers, graphic designers, the website, and UX designers. This is the only approach that will create a good user experience that will provide users with confidence and confidence to buy on the first visit. This will not only improve traffic and sales, but will also dramatically lower your bounce rate.

Develop a User Base Around Your Brand

Once you’ve built an impressive UX site, I’ve also finished a significant part of the crucial SEO tactic – the brand. The more established your brand is the higher your SEO ranking. The task of building a trustworthy brand in this vast sea of ​​competition is not so easy – the great UX accomplishes part of the task, but what is the second part? Well, in this second part, you will need a large number of trusted followers who are not only willing to buy from you, but also to hear your story and spread the word. It is important to develop this user base because it will be your eyes and ears and the basis for further development of the brand. They will mention your brand name to social media, which will become a sure sign of your confidence in your services, a vital factor when it comes to your resettlement status.

Think of Small Screens

Yes, everyone has talked about the importance of being a mobile phone friend for years now, but many business owners still do not think about small screens enough. Now, when more than 60% of searches are done on mobile devices, this will be a logical step, but with Google’s mobile indexing first, this is a crucial step. Everything Google offers sooner or later seems to be a game changer, so set up your website on time.

Get Ready to Talk, Fast

As with mobile devices, 50% of searches will soon be available. The more you optimize your website for voice search, the more competition you will miss. The first thing you need to do is pay attention to how keywords are structured. Audio quarries are more conversational and can be less specific, so long-term keywords will work better. The second thing, perhaps more important, is the speed of your website. Users turn to voice search because they want to search faster, which means they want to wait even less. Now the expectations of nearly 50% of them are to load the page in less than two seconds, so do everything you can to improve your page load speed more.

Target The Queries With Precision

We’ve already said that keyword-packed content is an improved trick for cheap search engines (SEO) that no longer works. With smarter and more effective algorithms, Google can tell if your content is relevant or not and will not hesitate to penalize you if it is not. That’s why it’s important to know how to accurately target all types of queries. If your results are not fully linked to queries, your bounce rate will grow, which is a clear indication to Google that your site is not at the top of search results.

Content is Still King

These algorithmic constraints may be hard to believe, but because of these limitations in particular, they should not only be high quality content – they should be unique. Those who have the ability to produce high-quality and unique content will dominate the search, and as a result, there is more content than ever before. It’s turned into a real race, so you need additional resources to tell your brand stories, like starting a blog. A well-planned content strategy is essential if you want to engage and engage users, who will then spread your words further across social media platforms.

But Nothing Will Kill The Video Star

The video seems literally immortal given the fact that content marketing is simply incomplete without it. Video content still accounts for 60% of both B2B and B2C marketing strategies. Nearly 50% of consumers watch at least an hour of video a day. With huge searches of up to 3 billion searches per month, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. All of this indicates that a good video strategy that will create a reliable image of your brand is able to control the SERPs.
As I have probably noticed, all these tactics are linked. You will not be able to develop a strong user base without using the appropriate UX, which again requires improved search in mobile and audio devices. Again, a strong user base does not mean anything without high-quality, unique content and appropriate targeting. So it is not enough to choose a tactic that suits you perfectly – the important point is to implement it all and make it overlapping.

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