Best Qualities to Look for in a Digital Marketing Company in 2019

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Finding the Best digital marketing company can be difficult, especially with many new agencies offering the same basic services.
For some people, it’s a budget, but getting real value for money when it comes to providing excellent service does not always mean choosing the least expensive provider.
Luckily, we’ve come up with few questions that will help you distinguish those companies that can link your ambitions to digital marketing to success and those that can not.

Things to Look for in a Digital Marketing Company

The assignment of a digital marketing company should be handled with the same kind of diligence as employing any employee. You should be clear about your wish list and never compromise.
Just as choosing the wrong candidate for a role in your company can have serious consequences, getting the right selection process for your digital marketing partner can not only help avoid wasting time and money but protecting your reputation value.

Can They Talk the Talk?

Every digital marketing specialist should be able to define the basic principles of an effective strategy to enhance online presence and capture more online traffic and turn it into measurable action such as increased sales.
A digital marketing agency must be able to give you the five pillars of an effective strategy without missing any success:
Website optimized and responsive
Marketing Social Media
Content Marketing
SEO & Search Campaigns (PPC)
Email marketing with effective CRM
To get bonus points you should also mention analysis and monitoring; after all, if you can not measure success, how do you know when you achieved it?

Do They Walk the Walk?

Before you even click on the “Contact Us” page in any digital marketing agency, you can always spend time browsing its website first. This is their space to shine and shine and if they fail to create an exciting and unforgettable experience with their own location, this may tell you everything you need to know.
The website of any digital marketing agency must be up-to-date, speedy and contemporary. Specifically, look for:
An active blog related to its core services.
Easy navigation with easy to use design.
Response pages with lots of calls to work.
In addition to evaluating their website design skills and incoming marketing strategy, it’s worth checking out their effectiveness in using good SEO to promote themselves. Check with Google (or other search engines) to see how they rank in your local area for their core services.

Have They Got the Talent?

A good digital marketing company will have a variety of people in their team. People who have the know-how and those who know how to apply it to business practices. From designers and content writers to SEO experts and social media strategy, a good team can ensure that your strategy for digital marketing is comprehensive, creative and competent.
Sometimes “isolated agencies” may advertise their employees’ skills and experience “isolated” from work and may not be as cooperative as they want.

Are They Fluent?

So they have demonstrated an understanding of the principles of effective digital marketing and have the talent to deliver but can they communicate well?
We’ve all met “technologists” known as programming handlers or creative geniuses in design, but sometimes these experts may be poor in the basics of communication.
Coherent and concise expression is essential when it comes to working with a digital marketing company. Working with an effective agency will ensure that your marketing strategy is properly interpreted to avoid delays, errors and additional expenses.

What’s In Their Toolbox?

Well, they know what they’re talking about when it comes to integrated digital marketing strategies, but do they have the right tools for the job and, most importantly, the skills to use?
When the digital marketing agency talks about performance measurement and SEO, do they use Moz and Google Analytics or a service you’ve never heard of? What platforms are used to provide the best results for project management?
Ask your prospective digital marketing company about the tools you are using exactly and how efficient they are to use them. Some of these factors may vary depending on the industry in which you operate, but at least you should expect your agency to show good dependence and good ability on tools such as:
Mail Chimp
Sales force
Screaming Frog
Constant Contact
Sprout Social

Have They Got Social Skills?

With the right hands on the wheel, social media marketing is the most effective and immediate way to boost your presence on the Internet, target new customers, and enhance your brand. A digital marketing company should be able to direct your business to your customers across all relevant social platforms. Whether it’s in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, providing your content is just one aspect of this strategy.
They should be able to gain interest by communicating with an audience and building a conversation about your services or products.
It’s very easy to evaluate, and simple verification of your social media feeds should tell you everything you need to know.

Do They Come Recommended?

It goes without saying that you should always get some testimonials from other customers who have used the services of a digital marketing company before hiring them. Some agencies have these testimonials on their websites which is great; however, only a fool publishes reviews that hurt their business on their own site, so always try to get an unbiased offer.
Sites like Trust Pilot offer independent reviews like other services like Google, YouTube, and Facebook. Do a little research and find out what others are saying about their services. Check the size of the companies you recommend and compare them with your company. It is also useful if there is some synergy with your field. If they are aware of the challenges your business is facing, they should be well versed in creative solutions.
Remember that the power of certification is an effective way to build trust and credibility not only for their business but also for your business.

Are They Flexible and Adaptive?

The digital advertising world is constantly changing, and it is essential to partner with an agency that can quickly adapt to new landscapes as they arise.
Social media are a prime example of the speed with which you need to keep up with carefully planned digital advertising strategies. The concepts and issues that are relevant to your business and are now moving need an agent that can respond quickly.
Discover how flexible your potential digital marketing company is by verifying the details of these certificates and evaluating their online presence through social media. Ask them about the capacity they enjoy for quick response to new requests at short notice and make sure that they have the staff to manage your need.

Are You Compatible?

In order to work successfully with your digital marketing partner, there must be a mixture of respect and closeness. The first must be easy for any agency to build with their customers if they have the right experience, knowledge and attitude. The latter is something more abstract to evaluate but is an essential element of longevity in your business relationship.

You can only judge whether the company has the key ingredients to make your relationship successful or not, just do not feel guilty to make it an important factor in choosing the right ingredient.
Find out what makes them tick. Ask about their origins, goals and core values. They may share your company’s environmental values ​​or workplace equality. However, the sharing of common bonds and cultural values ​​will help to create a more productive, creative and successful relationship in the long term.

Can They Provide More?

Every business wants a little bit of its provider, and it’s good to be able to access services and complementary solutions that can enhance your original profile. Yes, while it is not absolutely necessary to work with an agency that can also offer e-commerce solutions or training programs … Would not it be good to be pressured if you need it?

Choosing a Digital Marketing Company

So, there are key qualities that a digital marketing company must be able to deliver to your business when it comes to delivering an online marketing strategy:

proven track record.
The staff are creative and knowledgeable.
Ability to communicate.
Flexible and adaptable.
Able to provide a variety of services.
At the end of the day, it may be up to you to choose who you’re working with, but we strongly recommend that this is not your starting point.

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