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Over the past 10 years of marketing .We have seen many companies who have tried to deal with their SEO and PPC campaigns. While  recognizes that driving someone to manage their SEO campaigns and pay-per-click (PPC) offers can be an added cost, your chances of failure are more scientific. This is the same reason why many people choose to hire a consultant – they know its right way. The same should be said with a marketing consultant for SEO / PPC.
But how do I know if someone is an expert in search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC), and what questions do I put on the test? Here are some of the most important questions you should ask when choosing the right

SEO consultant to suit your marketing needs.

What is your SEO experience?

Ask them how much experience they have gained as an SEO expert. This will give you an idea of ​​whether it has gone through a variety of different changes in SEO and has a long-term, in-depth understanding of how search engine optimization works. A great SEO company will be keeping up with the constantly changing world of SEO. Ask them if they are certified, and if so, what are the companies.

Can I see a list of existing and current customers as well?

This will allow you to measure whether search engine optimizer (SEO) are satisfactory in their work and whether their achievements as they claim. You can always check your customers’ ranking with a quick search from Google. Check the quality of their lists, their website, and some blog posts. Keep in mind that it is not the number of SEO clients that the consultant has, but the work that is provided.

Ask how they will improve the rankings?

There are more than 200 different workers Google tends to use to measure rankings – some more important than others. It’s good to ask your SEO company to be clear about how it will improve rankings. They should provide you with a customized business plan.

Can I get a PPC package only? Why do I need SEO?

Ideally, they should perform performance and check and then fix problems on the site to ensure that your site is as close to SEO as possible before doing off-site work. This should include building ethical links, social media and blogging. Without having a good conversion site – no benefit from a PPC campaign. We recommend a company that has a legal marketing background, not some generalized marketing companies.

Are they familiar with local search marketing?

Local SEO is important for several reasons. The main reason is that your customers have to find you. Although most people use Google like Sacramento Personal Injury Attorneys, other people will not. The availability of your company information in certain directories, or perhaps an ad on a particular website, will help guide these leads to your site.

Do they understand your company and the service you provide?

An SEO / PPC consultant needs to understand the ins and outs of your services. Knowing the difference between mass injury or personal injury cases is a must when it comes to good SEO. How can they generate leads if they do not understand the business?

Ask about communication skills

Communication is important and a good SEO consultant is a problem analyst who does things and understands how SEO works. They will be able to deliver the changes that need to be achieved and need to be able to discuss these issues in a way that everyone understands. They should also be willing to submit a monthly statistical report, so you can check the results yourself.
Just remember, when choosing your SEO consultant, choose the one that suits your business.

Why You Should Hire a SEO Agency

When thinking about adopting a SEO strategy, you have three main options. You can try doing the work yourself, or hiring a full-time SEO specialist, or working with a SEO company

Here are the pros and cons of each.

1. Improve your site

SEO may do yourself work. Especially if you are just starting online or if you are running a small website. You can definitely learn the basics of SEO and use what you learn to improve your content for keywords or create backlinks. It is also the most affordable option.
However, the low cost of DIY SEO is a trade-off. You will avoid hiring a professional. But you will give up a lot of experience. This can result in loss of revenue. Professional SEO can improve your site in a way that directs real business growth.
In addition, effective optimization takes time. If you divide your time between managing your business and improving your site, you’ll end up neglecting important tasks in one domain.

2. Hire a full time SEO specialist

Another option is to hire a full-time SEO specialist at home. The advantage of this option is – if you set the right person – your specialists will have the expertise to properly identify and prioritize tasks. They’ll also be able to allocate 40 hours per week to improve your site.

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