Digital Marketing Course Curriculum

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Advanced Digital Marketing

Learn digital marketing from the core to the advanced level by fully understanding the digital marketing procedures. Create plans and strategies, and then implement them during project execution.

Upgraded Mobile Marketing

Smartphones are the best alternatives to marketing your services as well as products that use the Internet. We teach you to formulate strategies to promote your product as well as services.

Advanced SEO

SEO is an essential feature, which all digital marketers must know. At Digital Marketing Lahore, we let you place a ranking of any site on the top of the search engine lists using the specified keywords.

Advanced Pay-Per-Click Optimization

Learn how to create campaigns and ad projects on Google, Facebook, Bing, other search engines, and social media platforms to maximize your return on investment.


Upgraded Social Media Optimization

Connect with customers through social networking platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. These days, it’s important to promote online business to make it more useful soon.

Advanced Email Marketing

At DML, we let you create mobile apps for Android devices as well as iOS devices. We also guide you to create mobile-friendly websites that are fully responsive.

E-Commerce Marketing

Learn how to sell products on any e-commerce site, and ultimately, increase sales through e-commerce marketing efficiency.

Advanced Video Marketing (specifically YouTube)

If you’re also someone who has the intent to become YouTube users, we’ve found a solution for you. Find out the most appropriate way to promote your videos on the Internet, as well as the appropriate strategy to produce a video virus and earn a good return from it.

Advanced Affiliated Marketing

At Digital Marketing Lahore, you are taught to make money online by conducting affiliate marketing. We also teach you ways to produce small niche websites to earn online through commission-based sales.

Online Reputation Management

Maintaining a reputation is essential in the Internet world as well. Learn how to maintain the reputation of your online customers by reducing the rate of negative comments in order to earn good.

Earn Online As a Freelancer

Freelancing in the boom these days. Learn all the techniques related to us and start earning profits as well as grow as a successful journalist in any area of ​​your interest.

Advanced Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps you evaluate, analyze, and refine your online marketing campaigns. Here you are taught about Google Analytics to keep a record of your campaign.


Website Development Planning

We at Digital Marketing Lahore, let you know the planning methods in addition to developing a convincing web site from the beginning. We let you learn the skills and tactics associated with them so that you become eligible to create a full-fledged website on your own.

Digital Marketing Live Projects & Case Studies

We direct you to running live campaigns as well as case studies related to digital marketing. Maintaining a reputation is essential in the Internet world as well. Learn how to maintain the reputation of your online customers by reducing the rate of negative comments in order to earn good.


Why Opt For A Digital Technology Institute?

Being a digital technology institute, we offer the latest technology to associated individuals who have the desire to expand their potential horizons. We offer the course based on flexible payment timing and classroom training through projector-based sessions including group discussions as well as game practices. One can quickly learn through any of the methods that suit him.

Digital Marketing Training methods are planned in a way that devotes time to each of them, to help him get a certificate in digital marketing successfully. We are even one of the most innovative training options found in the industry.
Digital marketing promotion course for entrepreneurs, professionals and job seekers

Our developed digital marketing cycle has been tailored to individuals from every possible type of corporate world. Whether it be entrepreneurs, professionals or founding business people, our full training modules are designed to help them excel in related fields.  This course is supported by 24 units of digital marketing tricks and tips, which are not only theoretical but also offer students the opportunity to work in ongoing projects in the industry.

For Professionals: Knowing digital marketing techniques will help you improve your career. This course will make you eligible for higher appointments such as managerial positions in the respective industries.
For job seekers: The digital marketing course will set a flower for your profile, giving you an edge over other candidates. Digital marketing is a sophisticated industry in this digitally advanced age and is supposed to create an important platform for job seekers.
For Entrepreneurs: Multiply your business by learning digital marketing techniques that have been upgraded and will enable you to connect with your online audience to increase your sales.

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