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Daily Digital Marketing Tasks for Small Businesses

Here is a simple guide to verify your daily marketing tasks!


If you are used to the Office Space lifestyle, then this should be natural, you just have to think more in terms of channels. Open your email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform you are in and verify your commitments. I like, follow, share, messages, etc.
Address them all. If someone comments on an image or a status update, like your comment and direct it if applicable.

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Once you address your commitments, it’s time to review those reports. Hopefully you already have an idea of ​​how your reports will look based on the amount of social interaction you have had or have not treated.

But it is important to know the real figures, as well as some of the most detailed participation records. Especially compared to last month. Although year-over-year metrics are preferred, month-to-month may also be good, but be careful, commitment and search trends change every day, day to week, week to week and month to month. Therefore, the fact that you have a month off compared to the last one does not mean that you have done something wrong, it could be a natural fluctuation in market trends.


This does not necessarily have to be the first place you go to see the analysis. I only put a lot of emphasis because I am SEO and I create websites. So, naturally, I like to see where my traffic is going and how they interact with my site.

Digital Media For Marketing


Like Google Analytics, social media metrics will show you the important things you need to know about your social profiles, including daily, weekly and monthly comparison reports. You should track these metrics on each platform because you can see where your weaknesses are, where your commitment is decreasing or increasing, and you can set measurable goals.


I always review Google Search Console reports to get keyword data on my site. I recommend that you configure this if you do not already have it crawling keywords to your site.

You can see which people wrote on Google to display your website. And you will often see that it may not appear until the fourth page of search results for a specific keyword. This will give you an idea of ​​what you need to optimize in the coming months.


If you are a smart and proactive business owner, you probably have publications ready for your project portfolio. Now that you’ve reviewed yesterday’s analysis and data, or even last week, if you do it weekly, you’re ready to start looking forward.
Check the publications you have in your portfolio. Are they attractive? Does each publication have a purpose? Do I have enough posts? Do i have too many?


The most important publications are those that are contextually relevant. This means that the content not only has a message, but is relevant to the context or personality of your buyer.

For example, imagine being in the lawn care industry (because that’s what I’m familiar with), let’s say you’ve been posting a blog about how to deal with fungi after heavy rains. Then, you hear on the news that the following week will have an 80% chance of thunderstorms and rain throughout the week.

This is an excellent opportunity to be contextually relevant to your audience. Re-publish the article and share it on social networks like crazy at the end and just after the rainy week. Do you think the commitment in this publication would be almost the same or better than if you published this for a fairly dry month?

Another thing to do is look for national holidays (even lame ones). Find something relevant to your industry or business. A common day is Pi day, you know, on March 14. Bakers and restaurants that sell cakes often use the context of these vacations to create an attractive advertisement.

One of my well-known SEO quotes is,

“If the content is the king, then the context is the queen. If you only have content, then you have a kingdom of one. ”
Other variations of that go,

“Content is king and context is queen and she holds the bag.”
Keep this in mind in all your posts. The message is there, but is it relevant to your audience at that time and in that place?


Now that you have responded and committed to your audience, reviewed your report panels and found opportunities for publications, create your game plan. Create some publications and plan them for next month and keep up to date with everything. But don’t just post to post or write to write. There has to be a purpose for everything that is published and written.

Start with the place where you think your difficulties were last month in the report. Did you have high bounce rates? Was the amount of commitments in your social publications smaller than you expected? Did you rank higher for the keywords you were trying to rank earlier?

If you were running email campaigns, look at those metrics. What was your opening rate? You may need a better subject line. You may try to segment your list to get better click rates.

Whatever the challenge or problem point of last month, create a plan to address it in the coming days and weeks. And remember, the fact that you have not been successful with something last month does not mean that it does not work, you may only need to modify something in your advertising text.


I swear I’m not just repeating a step here. This is a bit different from number 1. Once you’ve reviewed everything and planned your plan for the next week or month, start actively searching for your audience and interacting with them. Like your publications, retweet and look for mentions of your brand or types of products you sell.

This is one of the best ways to reach your audience that still does not follow you. For example, every time I post a photo on my Instagram of my workspace, I tag Microsoft because I am using their equipment.
I will give you an example. And this is one that I do ALL the time. This is the one that really gives me the most followers, potential clients and interactions.

I am simply joining discussion groups and forums related to my industry (lawn care and landscaping). Join Facebook groups where your customers are. If you sell business consulting services, join a Facebook group for entrepreneurs. Find an online forum site and participate. However, try not to request too much. The sales pitch is not what these people are looking for. They are looking for answers.

When I join a group, I hope a marketing question arises and I answer it. I don’t try to sell my services, I just tell them exactly how to solve it. Just as I am writing a blog. And the next thing I know is that I receive messages. People do not buy your products or services, they buy from you.


Do not get stuck in the endless rinse and repeat cycle. Keep learning every day! I learn new things every day with digital marketing and I always say to myself: “The more I learn, the more I discover that I don’t know.”

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