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The Best Social Marketing to Promote Blogs.

It seems that new social networks come out every month. There are large social networks and niche social networks. There are many opportunities for you to promote your blog on each of the social networks, but for most people it is not reasonable to try to use them all.

Some have tried to use all social networks, but the common result is several accounts with little or no interaction.

A better strategy is to focus only on a couple of social networks or even a social network.

Here is how you can determine the best social network to promote your blog.

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Step 1 – Identify your target reader

Some people use many social networks. Some use only one or two social networks.

Your task is to identify your target reader and then identify the social networks that the reader prefers.

Step 2 – Determine the traffic potential of the destination social networks

From our experience, the social networking sites that send more traffic to blogs in general are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

The results vary depending on your target reader.

If your blog post is more geared towards professional readers and businesses, you may have more potential LinkedIn traffic. If your target reader is more visual, it might make more sense to focus exclusively on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Once you start receiving traffic from social networks, you can analyze the traffic to determine if your target reader is visiting your blog.

In your analysis, see bounce rates in your posts. Segment the traffic of social networks. You can determine whether traffic on certain networks provides better traffic than others.

Automate content sharing

Social media marketing can take a long time. We have discussed the process of creating online communities that allow you to market them again and again in other publications. It is not a small task to build those communities. And once you have created them, it is not an easy task to promote your blog posts.Fortunately, there are tools that make it easier.

Automation is your friend when it comes to sharing your blog posts on social networks. In this section, we will review the steps to automate as much content as you can share.

Step 1 – Share WordPress

WordPress sharing is possible if you use the Jetpack plugin for WordPress. It provides some services that include statistics directly in WordPress and the sharing function, which automates the exchange to a few social networks.Go to your WordPress panel. In the left navigation, hover over Settings and select Share in the secondary pop-up navigation.Connect your blog to the social profiles you have chosen to use. As we have discussed, the most likely options are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Then, when you start another blog post, you’ll see the sharing settings in the upper right near the programming widget in the editing area. Make sure the check marks are selecting for the profiles you configure.For each new blog post, the title will automatically become what is shared along with a link to your post. You can customize what is shared each time by editing the message in this area with each post.When you configure this automation, your new posts will be automatically shared in a few selected social profiles, which means you won’t have to share them manually in so many places.

Step 2 – Buffer

Buffer is a freemium social exchange tool. With the free version, you can schedule up to ten posts in your queue for a few different social profiles, including your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.If you are going to use the free version of Buffer, which is a good place to start, configure each of the social profiles that are allowed. Some, such as a LinkedIn company page, require the premium version.

Then set your schedule. They give you 10 items in the queue at a time. Configuration to have 10 items shared every day for five days during the week. People do not use the Internet so much on weekends, so it is not so important to share on those days. However, if your industry is unique, it could be important to share on weekends. An example would be if you are an NFL reporter and need to be active on Sundays.

You also want to share when your target audience is online. For most, this will be from approximately 11:00 AM Eastern Time in the US. UU. Until approximately 9:00 PM Eastern Time in the US UU. Again, if your client is more localized than in the US. UU. Or somewhere else in the world, you will have to adapt, but these are the busiest times in social networks.

Another way to determine the best times to share content on social networks is to use Follower wonk.

Followerwonk integrates with Buffer and identifies when his followers are most active on Twitter. You will also configure your updates to be automatically published at that time directly from Follower wonk.Every day, schedule new posts to share 5 times every two hours during the day. Create a new and unique title for each of the times you share the post.

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