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Keeping up with emerging trends is vital for today’s digital marketer. These days, it seems that a new technology is introduced every day that changes the way we conceptualize and focus our marketing strategy. Times have certainly changed, and in 2019, the exchange rate can be expected to grow faster and faster. If you do not keep abreast of emerging trends, you run the risk of staying in the dust of the companies that do. Keep in mind the following marketing trends that you will surely see in 2019, so it may be the one who creates the dust, not the one who breathes it.

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EU’s General Data Protection Regulations

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union will enter into force in May 2019. The GDPR is a set of regulations that will affect any business that stores or processes the personal data of EU residents. The articles in this bill are complex and deserve your attention. If you don’t have offices in the EU, GDPR could still request it.
Essentially, if you store any personal information about an EU resident, you will be responsible for compliance. This includes the name, contact information, credit card details and more. If you use marketing automation to track the web activity of potential customers and are tracking your IP address to assume your location, GDPR applies to you, as the EU considers an IP address as personal information. If you receive payments from EU residents, GDPR applies to you. Failure to comply can result in fines of up to € 20 million, so this is a marketing trend that is taken very seriously. For more information, see our blog post that covers GDPR and the steps to ensure compliance.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Also known as machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) has been gaining momentum in recent years, and is beginning to penetrate the field of digital marketing. AI works by “learning” common attributes of a particular topic over time, increasing the ability to predict scenarios and apply that learning in other ways.
Artificial intelligence will be applied to marketing automation to further optimize certain functions and capabilities. At this time, it is still in its incipient stage, but bet to hear a lot about it in 2019. As it evolves, you are likely to see that AI can suggest segmentation lists, recommend products for individuals and help emails are more personalized than currently possible with system tags.

Mobile Video Consumption

Mobile marketing trends deserve your attention in 2019. You don’t have to be a space scientist to realize that the importance of mobile experience is growing rapidly in today’s digital age. And that also applies to marketing. Mobile email consumption has increased considerably in recent years, and it is more important than ever to take advantage of email templates that respond to mobile devices.

However, one of the latest digital marketing trends to consider is the rapid growth of mobile video consumption. According to, in 2019, mobile video advertising expenses are expected to increase by almost 50%. They also report that in 2019, consumers worldwide will see 25% more video on mobile devices.

Can you deliver mobile-ready videos to your prospects and customers? And if so, are you doing that? If not, I strongly suggest you examine it, as soon as possible.

The Rising Importance of Customer Experience

Here are some elements of reflection: according to Walker Info, by 2020, the customer experience will outperform the product and the price as the key differentiator of the brand. Let that sink. It is no longer enough to have a solid product or service. Consumers are increasingly worried about receiving a positive customer experience when they interact with their company.

Whether we like it or not, the importance of delighting customers is now greater than ever. And pleasing customers doesn’t have to be difficult, it could be as easy as calling new customers personally once to see how they like the product and offer them ways to get help if they need it. Essentially, customer delight is about going beyond expectations. The form it takes matters less than leaving customers pleasantly surprised.

If the importance of customer experience has not yet been reflected, consider this: According to RightNow, 86% of consumers are willing to pay up to 25% more for a better customer experience. Now, go and delight your customers.

Live Video Streaming Continues to Increase

I bet you’ve seen a live video on Facebook once or twice. If not, it probably will in the very near future. Consumer preference for live video streaming continues to grow exponentially and shows no signs of slowing down. According to Livestream, 80% of consumers would prefer to watch a live video instead of reading a blog post. Don’t worry, that doesn’t hurt my feelings, I still love writing blogs.

But this is one of the social media marketing trends that you should pay attention to in 2019. Actually, it is very practical to stream live videos on social networks, in large part because it is free. In addition, with the gigantic audience at your disposal on social networks, you can put your content in front of many eyes. It will be an increasingly important content marketing strategy in the foreseeable future.

Content Marketing Is Still on the Rise

Speaking of content marketing trends … It’s not new, but you can expect the prevalence of content marketing to continue to grow in 2019. According to Smart Insights, 70% of consumers would prefer to know a business through an article that a through an ad

The value of producing great inbound marketing content cannot be underestimated. World-class content has the potential to generate brand loyalty and expand brand awareness. High quality content that helps consumers solve common problems will be shared on social networks, which essentially amounts to free advertising for your company. And, according to the Nielsen company, 83% of consumers trust the recommendations of products from friends and family rather than any other type of advertising. So, essentially, the importance of great content is also a trend of digital advertising.

LinkedIn Emerges as a Critical Marketing Strategy

B2C companies will seek to leverage LinkedIn as part of their marketing strategy. However, it will grow much faster in importance for B2B marketers in 2019. To put it bluntly, effective B2B marketing often depends on asserting itself as a thought leader and an authority in your space, and LinkedIn is the perfect platform to achieve it.

You can post articles on LinkedIn, which can then be shared from one professional to another. In fact, social selling is still a hot topic, and there is no better place for B2B marketing specialists to stand out on that than on LinkedIn. To take this point home, consider these statistics, compiled by LinkedIn:

  • 93% of B2B marketing specialists consider LinkedIn to be the most effective site for generating opportunities.
  • 64% of all visits to corporate websites of social media channels are made through LinkedIn.
  • 80% of LinkedIn users want to connect with companies on that site to improve their decision making process.
  • 50% of LinkedIn members report that they are more likely to buy from a company they interact with on LinkedIn

And, for the B2C marketing specialists out there, here is a statistic for you:

51% of companies have acquired a B2C client through LinkedIn.

Bottom line

There are very interesting times for the digital scoreboard in 2019. As technology evolves, our work becomes easier, in a sense. As long as we keep abreast of emerging trends and understand ways to take advantage of them for our benefit, we can enjoy the fruits of evolution. A good friend once told me: “don’t be afraid of technology, find a way to use it for your benefit.” The message was clear: if you can’t beat them, join them. Those of us who adopt change and find ways to adapt our routines to adapt to new technology and emerging trends will be the ones that will win.

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