Easy Marketing Automation Workflows to Implement in 2019

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Today marketers need to do more with less. Fortunately, marketing automation provides a way to deliver targeted smart messages to the business audience without having to manually manage campaigns on a daily basis, providing marketers with valuable time and valuable resources.
Looks great, does not it? Let’s dive deeper to understand what automated marketing is and how it can help your business.

What is Automation Marketing?

Marketing automation, in its simplest form, is a technology that automatically publishes and manages campaigns and marketing processes across multiple channels. Companies that use marketing automation can save time, money and resources by automating certain tasks within the customer or client lifecycle. For example, marketing automation can:

Deliver welcome emails to new newsletter subscribers

Toggle content dynamically on your website based on the user’s previous location share
Send notices to internal sales representatives if there is a possibility that the customer is dealing with specific content on the website or in an email
Trigger emails based on client sharing with your business
There are countless strategies and workflow that can be implemented using marketing automation, but first, we need to discuss what business needs to prepare and manage successful marketing automation campaigns.

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What You Need To Start Using Automation Marketing

Automate marketing “automatic”, but there are still tools, technology and setup processes required before you can launch your first marketing automation campaign. So, before you start planning for holidays because of all the newly discovered leisure, you will have thanks to automation of marketing, read some of the basic requirements below.


As with any marketing campaign, you first need to develop a marketing automation strategy that determines how your business uses the technology, the messages you send, and the overall goal of automation.


After that, you will need to find a marketing automation platform to help implement the marketing automation strategy. There are many automated marketing and email marketing systems, so you’ll need to choose a system that fits your business perfectly.


Data is an integral part of marketing automation. You need to ensure that your customer database and lists are accurate and up-to-date to make sure your messages are delivered to the right audience. In addition, tracking and data capture techniques should be developed to ensure that the workflow and campaigns are launched in a timely fashion.


Like any other type of marketing campaign, content must be delivered to the right audience at the right time and with the right message. Marketing automation helps deliver messages to your audience at the right time, but the content you deliver must be created strategically to ensure that the message resonates with your audience.


Marketing automation can be daunting to new companies on technology and strategy. As we’ve seen above, there’s a lot to consider before launching your first campaign. That is why it is a good idea to work with a seasoned partner in automation marketing to get started in full swing.
Now that we have discussed some of the basic requirements needed to start marketing automation, let’s take a look at some of the workflow tasks that you can start implementing this year for your company.

Easy Workflows to Implement in 2019

As mentioned earlier, there are many workflow tasks that can be created using basic marketing automation logic. Here are five easy methods of automated marketing you can start using in 2019.

Newsletter Welcome Email

Companies spend a lot of time and money on blogging content and newsletters. Therefore, when a visitor visits a website and requests that the content be received continuously, you should thank them for their interest and give them a preview of the additional content they are expected to receive in the future.
It is easy to set up welcome e-mail messages for the subscriber and they run when the visitor submits the subscriber form to your website.

Reminder Emails

E-mail reminders are a great way to keep customers informed of appointments, events, or other important appointments. While these e-mail messages are typically used to reduce the number of “no-attend” times, they can also be a source of profit by sending promotional reminders to former customers who have not purchased or scheduled a service for a long period of time.
To perform an email reminder workflow, you’ll need data fields that track appointments, events, or the last service, dates, and times of purchase. E-mail messages are then run to send a certain number of days before or after this event.

New Customer Cadence

We all know that keeping customers cheaper than getting new customers. Therefore, companies need to ensure that new customers feel welcomed and appreciated. The new e-mail rhythm of the customer is an effective way to thank a new customer for his business and provide additional information about the steps, training, or other products and services offered by your business. The rhythm or series of e-mails can be extended for only a few days or stretch for several weeks – even several months – after the initial purchase.

A new client rhythm will be run when you add a new client to your database (the first purchase date field). The workflow contains all emails in the rhythm and will be set to deliver every email after specified intervals.

Birthday e – mail

Automatic Mail is an easy and effective way to send personalized email to your customers on their own day. They are personalized, usually have a higher share of other e-mail messages. So when sending birthday emails, take advantage of increased participation and include a promotional code to increase your business revenue.

Content or subject raised emails

Once you have contacts in your marketing automation database, you will have a vision in their interactions with your website, emails, and other marketing campaigns. With these ideas, you can run emails based on content consumed to deliver more valuable content to the user. This type of automation helps keep your business up to date and generates more participation during marketing.

Many triggers and logic can be set up to ensure that the correct message is sent to the right audience. Potential triggers can be a page, a download on the site, or a specific post in an e-mail message.

Start using today’s marketing automation

Marketing Automation continues to transform the marketing landscape by giving marketers the ability to send personalized messages to consumers in a timely manner. This level of corporate customization helps to highlight competition, which translates into increased customer engagement and increased sales.

If marketing automation is not part of your current marketing strategy, think about how you can take advantage of technology to streamline processes and deliver improved communications to your customers and prospects.

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