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Website optimization is something that everyone who runs a website needs to know. We all know how important the development of SEO-friendly websites is for any type of website. If you run your business online, you should have a fair idea of ​​how to grow your website traffic, different digital marketing services that can totally change the online presence, how the ads work, and so on.

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In one day, we ask Google many questions, whether to see the horoscope of the day or search for complex algorithms. Google knows everything! We all know the services and products provided by Google. As long as you do not run an online business, we never bother to know about Adwords, Google Analytics, etc. Since we are already talking about Google Adwords, let’s see what it is and how it is useful for your website.

Advertising is a marketing communication that uses an openly sponsored non-personal message to promote or sell a product, service or idea. It started when there were radios, and TV ads were the best way to reach customers. In the 21st century, with the advent of the advertising server, online advertising has grown. Google has changed online advertising by customizing ads based on web browsing behavior.
Let’s say someone has done a search for something that your company provides or that your website contains. Now, based on your business terms, your ad may appear at the top or bottom of the Google search results page with a label. The positioning of your ad depends primarily on its relevance and usefulness to what the person searched for, your bid and a few other factors.
There are organic results that show results based on site content and are unpaid links. The more relevant the site is for the search term, the higher the link will appear in the list. Your associated website may appear here, but your ad will not.
With the increasing influence of social media, social media marketing has grown in popularity. Sometimes when we are on a website, say Facebook, and recently we have done a search on online shopping, you get ads from Amazon, Shein, etc.

The Google Ads system is therefore based on cookies and partly on keywords determined by the advertiser. Advertisers pay when users hijack their navigation to click on the advertisement copy. The website on which this ad is hosted gets a portion of the revenue generated.

Role of keywords

You know your services, products or content that you show to your potential customers. Keywords are words or phrases you give when setting up the Google Ads campaign. In your opinion, these keywords are the potential word they will look for if they want products or services you provide. By linking your keywords to the ads you create, you allow your ad to appear when someone searches for similar terms or visits a website with related content.
Google Ads calculates a score, called ranking, for each auction ad. The highest ranking ad appears first. The ranking of the ad has five factors:

  • Your bid – Defining an auction, in other words, is setting the maximum amount you are willing to pay for a click on your ad. The amount you are actually paying is less than the value of the auction. You can also change your bid.
  • Quality of ads and landing page: Google Ads also examines the degree of relevance and usefulness of your ad and the website it refers to for the person who sees it.
    Ad Ranking Threshold: To ensure the quality of ads, a minimum threshold of quality must be maintained.
  • Search context – With the ad auction, context matters. When calculating Ad Rank, Google looks at the search term, the geographical location of the time of a search, the type of device used, and the other ads and search results that show on the page, and other user signals and attributes.

The results of your ad extensions and other ad formats. When choosing keywords for your AdWords Campaigns, different matching options are available. The two main keyword match options include the following:

  • Broad Match: This is the most users of your keyword.
  • Negative Match: This option prevents you from finding a word or phrase.
  • Phrase Match: Your ad is shown for searches that match the exact phrase.
  • Exact Match: Your ad is shown for searches that match the exact phrase exclusively.

Now, matches are based on the search engine. We get to see a million websites on the result page. But, we only go through the websites that appear on the first page. Because Google shows the most relevant web pages on the first page. This algorithm is called PageRank, used by Google.

According to Google, PageRank works by counting the number and quality of links to a page to determine a rough estimate of how important the website is. The current assumption is that more important websites are likely to receive more links from other websites.Currently, PageRank is not the only algorithm used, but it is the best-known.

So, Ads and PageRank are some of the most common topics on the web site. Along with these technologies, there are many other things that you need to keep in mind while putting your business online, such as you can reach your audience.

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