Google’s June 2019 Core Update

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Google released its latest central algorithm update between Monday, June 3 and Saturday, June 8. Site administrators continue to report sharp declines after the update, and news sites recorded significant drops in traffic virtually overnight. The most notable is the Daily Mail, the most widely read tabloid in the United Kingdom, and, a leading news site in cryptocurrency. What is unique in the June Central Algorithm Update is that Danny’s search link, Danny Sullivan, actually announced when the algorithm update was implemented.
In addition to the general kernel update, an update of the diversity algorithm was also implemented during the same five-day period. They are intended to provide a wide range of unique domain page results. Diversity updates are quite common and Google has done them regularly since 2010.

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What Webmasters Need to Know

The update of the main algorithm took five days because it takes time to implement the changes on all Google servers and data centers around the world. Although the details of the update are scarce, it is revealing in the sites that had the most notable falls: the soft news sites.
The Daily Mail is a UK tabloid with a reputation for writing clickbait headlines and then using its large social media community to drive traffic. In the five-day update period, the Daily Mail lost 50% of its traffic, which is a great success for its advertising revenue.
Your news has sensationalist headlines. They also do a bad job of citing sources. Providing value through contnet because citing sources with external links to an authoritative source is crucial for E-A-T.
In the case of, published articles are almost all about cryptocurrnecy, but there are several stories that are more appropriate in National Enquirer CCN mobile traffic that was reduced by 71% as a direct cause of the update. Soon after, the company announced that it would close operations on a YouTube video. However, it is likely that it was a publicity stunt that was used to call Google for perceived bias in the Google News rankings.

How to Improve Your Site in 2019

While Google repeats, there is “nothing to fix”, in fact there are steps you can take as a webmaster to recover lost traffic and defend your site from another central algorithm update.

Content is a Reflection of Values and Reputation

Blogs are a valuable source of consciousness traffic and can be used to direct traffic not only from organic channels but also from social and reference channels. The problem is when blogs are your main source of traffic (and one way to increase the keyword rankings of service pages through internal links) is quality and relevance. What this means is that it is simply not enough to build a massive amount of links to a blog post to rank. Nor is it enough to write extravagant headlines to generate clicks on social networks: you must provide a tangible value in your content that is authoritative.
This requires citing sources with resources external to credible sites, including a biography of the author that talks about the writer’s knowledge of a topic and, most importantly, that provides complete answers on a topic. This means responding to the “who, what, when, where, why and how”, a journalistic principle. These questions should be answered in the first paragraph and included as H2 when possible.

Compare Your Blogs and Service Pages to Others in SERP

The update in March was about the time the page stayed and the bounce rate. A mobile user would bounce or click on another page if the blog is too thin, does not answer their questions immediately or the page loading speed is too slow. Think of this in terms of E-A-T; Assuming that your site follows the best practices for technical SEO and that the page’s speed is optimal, then is it reduced to how credible is your content? Essentially, if it seems that the content provides more benefits for the webmaster in terms of traffic / advertising revenue, people will see it and click on the following link.
If it seems that it was written hastily, why does a user trust you enough to be satisfied with your answer to your query?
Here are some questions you should consider as a webmaster when analyzing the content of your blog from a 2011 blog post Webmaster Central:
“Would you trust the information presented in this article?
Is this article written by an expert or enthusiast who knows the subject well or is of a more superficial nature?
Does the site have duplicate, overlapping or redundant articles on the same subject or similar topics with slightly different keyword variations?
Would you feel comfortable giving your credit card information to this site?
Are the topics driven by the genuine interests of the site’s readers, or does the site generate content by trying to guess what could be good on the search engines?
Does the page provide substantial value compared to other pages in the search results?

A Service Page is a Sales Pitch

The blog posts provide valuable information online, but it is the traffic of the service pages that generate lead generation. Do not rely entirely on blog traffic to continue generating traffic because your service pages are too short to rank for difficult keywords. Remember, just because the general views of the site page increase, it does not mean that your list of potential clients will do so. That’s why you need to write and design a detailed, but intriguing, sales pitch on your service pages to increase the time spent and decrease the bounce rate on your site.
Talk to your ideal client through the copy and do everything possible to answer the most urgent questions. In the long term, you should see how these keyword positions are recovered after some testing, assuming you have already been creating quality backlinks on the relevant sites.
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