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How to Become an SEO Expert (in 2019)

Are you wondering what steps you should take to become an SEO expert?

Perfect because this guide will show you everything you need to know. Doing business with an SEO expert will not be as complicated as you think.

All you have to do is follow the framework that we are going to show you and take action.

  • How to access the Next Level
  • Value to be a real SEO expert

When we say a “real” SEO expert, I mean someone who can increase organic search traffic on a regular basis. The “expert” level also means that you have enough knowledge to combat unexpected results. Access to this level requires time and effort.The beauty of knowing how to do SEO is that there are many ways to monetize your skill

Option #1: DIY

Any business can benefit from SEO. SEO practice for your business has some privileges.

You do not need to invest in SEO. The SEO will cost you at least $ 2,500 per month and you will need a commitment for 6-12 months.

You are responsible for your own success. You can work as hard or as little as you want in search engine optimization.

You can allocate capital towards what you want (since you will not invest in an agency).

You have to focus on what will have the greatest impact. You have work to run it and grow. This means that you can not focus too much on SEO details. This prompts you to enter deep thinking and find out what matters most in SEO. More on this in the second.

The beauty of learning SEO is that you can use it to grow every new business that you start with.


Option # 2: Get Customers

Getting customers is the fastest way to increase your income from SEO. It’s also a great way to get immediate cash flow, which you can reinvest in other SEO projects.

On the other hand, it’s also the best way to go mentally insane. I explain many of these issues in an SEO agency article. But I will also include some issues of working with customers.

Unrealistic expectations. This is usually the result of a weak client application or system scan. If you do not set realistic expectations, you will regret it. Do not overstate what is possible to meet your sales share.

Customers can be unreliable and can hurt your cash flow. It does not matter how good your cluster system is. There will be customers playing games when it comes to paying.

Operations are headaches. Running SEO is a challenge because each campaign is unique. This means that each campaign requires different actions. This makes it difficult to create solid systems, making it difficult to scale.

Requires human capital. To expand the SEO agency, you need to hire people. You can only take it yourself up to date. New challenges arise when providing staff, but this will be the subject of later blog post.

It’s a job with many bosses. Working with clients often looks like work rather than work. Of course, you can fix this by getting yourself out of the equation. But this is easier than doing.


Option 3: Start a specialized site

A specialized site is a Web site focused on a single theme such as “ice makers under the dust” or “child monitors”.

Specialized websites are how I got to SEO.

I think creating a specialized website is the best way to learn search engine optimization. The reason is that you should discover that and there is not much risk. Another reason why niche sites are a good place to start is because they do not need a lot of capital.

Also, if you do the right search keyword, you can find outlets with low competition. This increases your chance of success.

The biggest risk you can face when creating specialized sites is the loss of time. But if you’re trying to improve your search engine optimization skills, it will be valuable in your progress.

But like anything else, there are some negative aspects of niche sites:

Lower potential income. This means you’ll need to create more than one specialized site to generate a reasonable amount of revenue. When you add more specialized sites, you add more complexity to your business. Building a successful site is difficult enough. Developing and trying to develop many specialized sites can be a practical headache.

Lower profit margins as your portfolio grows. This is because you will have to spend more time managing your sites or you will have to outsource a lot of work.

More fluctuations of power positions. EMD and Panda updates show that Google does not like small sites. But to be fair, many sites affected by these updates gave little value to users. Many had duplicate or thin content. You can reduce the fluctuation of a niche site by creating a real value like I explain in this SEO strategy.

Option 4: Develop the authority’s website

We prefer the power site model for several reasons:

  • They have more opportunities for growth
  • They have less restricted content
  • They are more “linkable”
  • It has reduced the risk of penalty / algorithm variability

One example of Google’s website is Gotch SEO because it focuses on a big topic like SEO.

Like other options there are some drawbacks as well:

Bigger investment in time. To create a great website, you must have experience in your area. Creating content at the surface level will not help you create an authority site. You should invest your time to become an expert or at least 25% in your field. After that, you can create an exceptional authority site.

Capital investment. This will not affect you if you are writing your SEO content. If you intend to outsource, it will be capital intensive. This is because producing “power” content requires a high quality book and a greater number of words. Each of these factors increases your costs.

Option # 5: Websites on the face

There are two ways to flip websites:

You can start a Web site from scratch, create it, and then flip it.

You can get an existing web site, improve it, and then turn it around.

Each option has its own unique challenges that I will not address.

However, let me say that flipping websites is a great way to get instant capital. You can then use this capital to reinvest them in other income-generating SEO projects (recommended).

Or you can spend your money on a certain type of deteriorating asset such as a car (not recommended). for each one of them!

Option #6: Sell potential customers

Creating lead generation websites is a good alternative to interviewing customers. I never took this route, but I know a lot of it. In essence, you must first identify a local keyword like “Los Angeles Plumber.” Then, you create a Web site to arrange that keyword. Once you have arranged the site, you can sell organic yarns to the actual plumbers in Los Angeles. Or you can sell the site to a plumber in Los Angeles.

Option #7: Be an employee

I know this option is not ideal for everyone, but it is a good way to satisfy your feet. There are all kinds of businesses looking to hire improved search engines within your organization.

One way to go about this is to get hired and get some experience. Then, on the side you can work on developing your SEO business or working on other projects. This way you will not have to stress income.

Also, if you want to take a SEO client track, being an employee is a good primer. Your boss will give you the expertise and backbone you need to have multiple bosses at the same time.

Option # 8: Diversification

This is my favorite choice. Use SEO skills to make money in many different ways. This reduces your risk and depends on any one method.

There is nothing wrong with not having a diversification at first. But you need to work to diversify a better income as soon as possible.

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