How to optimize the user experience (UX) on your site?

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Providing an exceptional user experience is the goal of websites and applications. It is about the conversion of visitors into customers, but also their loyalty.

Understanding the “user experience”

The formula of the design industry can be confusing when it comes to user experience. The words UI (User Interface) for user interface and UX (User Experience) for user experience are often used together, so it’s no wonder people mix them up. The UX user experience is something intangible that people experience and must be considered from the start. The other terms should be understood to understand the concept of user experience.

User experience is basically a person’s emotions and attitudes about using a particular product, system or service and all of the touch points around it. It deals with how a person interacts with a system, both initially and subsequently over time. These perceptions can be different from one user to another, the goal being that the experience is always pleasant and encourages action.

Experience through design

This is the creation of graphical interfaces: design can encompass both user experience and user interface design. A lot of times people think the design are just coloring, but it’s more than that. As the web has matured, design has become an umbrella term that covers such things as visual design, interface design, ergonomic structuring of content, as well as thinking around user experience. . We are now talking about UX Design.

Experience through functionality.

It comes down to usability. These tests consist in making sure that the site or the application works well. The goal is that everyone can perform tasks without problems in the majority of cases. At DML Lahore, our sites are tested during their design, delivery to the customer and then very regularly by our teams.

Experience through accessibility.

Accessibility is about making websites usable by as many people as possible. For example, think of your mobile interface in such a way as to facilitate its use for a person who holds a baby in one arm, while using a telephone in the other. Or a good color contrast could help both visually impaired people and those trying to read in a poorly lit environment. When creating a tool, it is often advisable to follow Web standards (W3C in particular) and best practices, because you often get a good level of use without too much effort. Many standard Web elements (forms, menus, buttons, etc.) are designed “accessibility” and work just as well with the mouse or keyboard as with voice browsers.

How to design a user experience?

The design of the user experience is therefore not limited to appearance. In the context of building an application or site, UX Designers consider how information is presented, how screens and actions flow together, and how this relates to the user’s perspective. They focus on digital touchpoints, creating wireframes and prototypes, combined with user interviews and user profiling / testing.

If UX design is about someone’s experience uses software (the tip of the iceberg), the deep thinking around the architecture and usability of the service takes into account the project as a whole. (the iceberg itself).
UX is often the analysis of a specific end-to-end service experience. This is important because the best online shopping website cannot make up for a poor customer service experience or poor product packaging design upon delivery.

Understanding the user

UX is therefore a question of feeling and emotion, but we can only ensure that Internet users have a good user experience by understanding that they are, where and how they use the product. Users are human beings who have needs and impressions. To do this, UX Designers often create sample user profiles called buyer personas that can help teams understand who they’re creating a product for and in what context.

Why make the effort to understand the user?

As technology advances, things that seem to be the accepted baseline quickly become obsolete. It is important to always offer the best customer experience, because users are constantly solicited by your competitors who also take advantage of the opportunities that come with technological advances. The goal is not to lose your competitive advantage by getting support in your digital strategy by a specialist in these considerations. Making things simpler, more efficient and more enjoyable for users is our job.

How to be user-centric?

You have to think about the users. Focus on their needs, context, motivation and goals. We must also look at their behavior, their emotions. For that you have to interview them. Reviews are also sources of information to find out more about users. Decisions made should be based on user needs. It is important to chart the course of product use with the developer and other stakeholders. Having the opinion of several people is necessary for a wider range of perspectives on things, which is important when it comes to being user-centric.

DML Lahore supports you in your various web marketing strategies and the implementation of techniques to improve the quality of the user experience on your site.

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