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SMO or Social SEO is known as a set of strategies that are used to guide social media towards attracting unique visitors to the website and generating a better ROI for the company. Improved search ranking is also a feature of SMO success. SMO works just like traditional advertising in the physical world. It involves engaging the public in establishing a relationship, creating a network and using a “mouth-of-word” to attract more audience and post your message. SMO is all about creating a “buzz” that will go a long way in creating a vision for your business.
Improving social networks is an integral part of the online reputation management strategy for organizations or individuals interested in their online presence.

How SMO differs from SEO:

SEO also works with the same emphasis on attracting unique visitors to your website. However, SEO and SMO differ from the unique visitor source. While SEO works to get visitors through search engines, SMO works to get visitors through social media.
Hence, both SEO and SMO are important to the success of any site. They complement each other and provide amazing success for the web site when implemented in tandem.

Types of SMO:

SMO can be mainly classified into two main types:

Type 1: On-site – SMO:

Some social media features can be added to the same website, such as:

  • Share / Like buttons
  • User evaluation about a new product / service
  • Polls

Employee engagement initiative and so on

Type 2: Off-Site SMO:

Some social media features work outside the website, such as:

  • Blogs
  • Participate in discussions
  • Join social networks
  • Viral advertising
  • Press release

Why you need SMO services:

Today immersed in the Internet with countless sites and businesses, to distinguish yourself from the crowd you need to get something special. SEO can provide extra zing for your website, and SMO can stimulate your entire web presence to make you beat your competition.
>The study says 82% of employees use social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to find a new job.
>87% of employees use social media to search for an organization they plan to join.
>75% of social media-friendly employees track social media for negative reviews of organizations and are reluctant to join if they do.
>93% of companies allow access to social media through their desktop computers.

More and more people are moving towards the use of the Internet and many social media platforms. With the increasing number of users, of the power of these media. Today, these social media platforms are very reliable sources of information and affect user behavior, unparalleled. Typically, people spend 3-4 hours a day on social networking sites.

Advantages of SMO:

The right SMO can add many Brownian points to your company image, by:
>Influence customer feedback about your business and brand
>Create brand awareness among a wider audience and social networks
>Drive high-quality traffic to your website from social networking sites
>Improve your search rankings by improving your link popularity. In addition to social media pages appear on top of Google faster
SMO gives you the opportunity to connect with your customers as never before. It’s great for sales as well, where you can reach a number of potential customers who could not even imagine before
>Synergy between SEO and online marketing campaigns for a website
>Helps to get reciprocal links which will increase the popularity of your link
>High probability of generating enhanced returns on your investments
>Social networking sites provide customers, potential customers, and business partners in one place
Improving social media costs a small part of your traditional marketing expenses
>SMO allows you to reach a much broader audience base than conventional marketing, and incurs far less costs per contact
Improving social networks is straightforward and interactive. Unlike conventional marketing, this will not only connect you to the audience; it also allows you to get the most valuable comments from customers
>SMO allows the participation of customers even after the purchase, through forums and mailing forums
>If you choose to ignore SMO, the damage it can cause to your business is enormous in terms of image / brand awareness and business revenue.

What we do:

Step 1:
Our social media marketing team works closely with you and your management to fully understand your brand. Then we work to understand your expectations and objectives from the SMO strategy.

Step 2:
Our experts then create compelling, high-quality content and other required peripherals that will be used to convey the brand’s brand sense to the social networking sites that are right for your business.
Step 3:
Social networking sites are becoming increasingly popular day by day and the number of visitors is enormous, thus distinguishing your brand from others on these sites. The first excellent impression is a must. The first look of your profile page is critical to your company image. Our team will design a professional and exclusive page for you, which will help make this impression “great”.
The fourth step:
Once you’ve set up and set up your profile, we’ll engage in continuous interaction activities to spread your social media vision and create a positive brand image.
Step 5:
Once these profiles are set up, we will closely monitor their performance and results. Appropriate action will be taken where appropriate. The campaign is fully monitored to help them reach their optimal potential and help them stay within ethical limits.
Step 6:
Regular reports and updates will be sent to you to obtain and monitor your information.

Other SMO Services:
Blogging is an essential part of most modern business sites. It is our responsibility to create, maintain and maintain a professional business blog for your website
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