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Content marketing is absolutely important for small businesses and local search.

The following are 5 types of content that will …

Marketing across content still makes the most of enterprises and continues to grow. Just view the Google Trends report on the right. How do we create content that communicates with our audiences? Many large organizations quickly produce content because they have larger budgets and know that this is required to attract more high-quality brands and links to their sites.

Content marketing is often overlooked, however, for smaller local businesses, but it is a powerful mechanism that can be deployed. Just because you are a small to medium company does not mean that you do not have opportunities for the content to take advantage of (this tweet!). Small businesses should start by identifying local content opportunities and linking them to local SEO efforts to improve links and brands.

Content types for local businesses

Local companies have a lot of content opportunities to gain more viewers and generate brand recognition. Our goal is to take advantage of these content assets and promote them accordingly. The key is to create content and reach the right organizations and companies. One can not succeed without the other. Content must be valuable to the people we share with.

Basic local search factors outside the Google page include local reviews  (other review sites with consistent NAP listings) and links. Content marketing leads to direct sales for businesses and helps create links that point to your business website.

Here are five marketing opportunities for content that all companies can take advantage of.

1) Daily Deals sheet:

Often the opportunity is overlooked but daily / weekly deals can do wonders for local business. You can simply include your products or services at a discounted price and place them in your company’s domain with a custom page.Through this daily deals page, you can communicate with local organizations, potential partnership companies, and even e-coupon websites to share this information with. This leads to a link or return to your website as well as potential referral traffic from those sources.

2) Guidelines / resources

The guides are great because they are informative, value added, and usually non-promotional. A great example is a furniture company that creates a guide on how to buy the right furniture for small spaces. With these types of information, it is easier for local and regional webmasters to accept this content, especially if it is appropriate for their audience.

3) Your blog

Often resources are not fully used, and blogging is the ultimate marketing asset content needed to gain more exposure from SEO and local search perspective (Tweet this!). Business owners and webmasters believe they need to post 500 to 800 words of articles more than once a week. Although ideal, there are many things to publish, including those that include guidelines, company updates, promotional events, or news stories. All of these have the potential to boost SEO rankings. A great example of this is the start of practical furniture known as the NYFU. They created the Cake Starter contest in New York and posted it on their blog. Along with the appropriate awareness, not only attracted the company’s emerging partnerships, but attracted links and brands to the company. Make sure there’s a dedicated page to publish the blog to your website, keep it up-to-date, and monetize your local search and traditional search engine optimization perspective.

4) Organization discounts

There’s another great content that shows discounts from local and regional organizations. Just select 20 to 40 organizations with members who can take advantage of your services and implement a certain level of communication. If you run a local e-commerce store where people can buy from your website, you can provide distinct discount codes for those organizations so you can track your marketing efforts accordingly. The real opportunity from a local search perspective is when the organization publishes the discount on its website and shares it via its newsletters or social media channels.

5) Your case studies

More for the business enterprise between local firms, case studies are of paramount importance. Of all the pages on a B2B site, all this is reviewed by potential customers who want a better understanding of how the company achieves results for its customers (Tweet this). Make sure that your case studies are prominent and show some of the results you have achieved for companies or clients. With the added benefit of case studies, you can contribute to other company sites and gain more exposure as a think tank in your field.

A match in the sky

Content marketing is critical to local search and customer acquisition in general and is vital to creating a sustainable marketing advantage. There are many examples on how to create inspiring content, but the best place to look is in our industry and current marketing efforts without an Internet connection.

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