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Seeking SEO for emerging companies and strategy? If so, it is likely that you are not the only one. This increases by almost 60% over the last quarter of 2014. It is possible that a company that started during this period has become fully operational and operating. Now a critical fact of light has emerged. You need targeted opportunities seeking your products or services to reach you.

There are a lot of overwhelming studies showing how many times consumers are using the major search engines, especially Google. Alexa, a website that classifies websites by popularity, lists Google as the first visited site in the world.

Keep in mind that SEO takes some time. It is a long-term process. If you need immediate results, sales, or leads right away, you may want to consider hiring an AdWords management company like us. Alternatively, if you want to save some coins, you can always learn to manage your own adwords campaigns. Before you get into the SEO process you can do to start, the user must first understand.

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SEO for Startups – Why People use Google

It’s no secret that everyone in the world uses Google to find things. Not only people who use Google to find local services or products, but also expand them for reminders, news, weather, and more. As Google continues to expand, there’s nothing that users can use for Google in the future. For business owners, it is important to appear on Search Engine # 1, this is where SEO is played. In addition, people who use Google usually do this for several very important reasons and I’ll explain it briefly below:

Seeking Information – Not everyone uses Google to search for products or services for businesses. Often you may have a simple question. How far is the moon from Earth? This search query (search term) is not related to a merchant or e-commerce service-based service. Millions of people use Google as a fact checker or get answers to the information they’re looking for every day. Or someone looking – a car. You’ll have no idea if that person is looking for a race car, a family car, a pick-up car, a car history, etc.

Comparing Services or Products – Some visitors will know that they need a product or service, but they may want the best deal possible, or they may want to get the highest quality, product or service, and they may want some free things that are offered with the deal, etc. I wanted to compare Honda vs. Toyota. You may want to consult consumer opinions, professional reviews, compare mileage of gas, maintenance costs, standard car cost, costs with options, etc. In this example, you can search for the mileage of the Honda Civic , Honda Civic standard price, etc. Then you will do the same for the Toyota Corolla.

Inquiring / Buying Services or Products – Finally, some visitors will be willing to inquire about a service-based or purchasing company if they are an e-commerce company. This person is usually done with their research or they have an immediate need for service or product. For example, if someone types an emergency plumber open 24/7 near me. You know that the user is suffering from an emergency, and if you do a good enough job in convincing that user to visit your website and have a good view, you have a strong opportunity to win his business. Most industries have these “golden” keywords that have the ideal user intent.

The goal of any well-organized campaign will focus on getting visitors in the second and third digits above. Each part of the content should focus only on where that person is on the trip. In other words, you do not want an overly persuasive article for someone who collects information only.

SEO for Startups Strategy – Website Architecture

Structuring your website is crucial for SEO, and remember that there are usually many competitors striving to do a better job than you. Your website is the interface of your digital store, you need to convince your audience and leave a great impression once a visitor arrives on your page or site. Creating user voice navigation and architecture is critical if you want to convince your customer and offer a great experience.

SEO for Startups – The Basics

Make sure you’re connected to Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.

For Google Analytics, make sure you set up conversion tracking so you can see where your conversions come from (purchases or leads). Especially if you spend time marketing through social media, email marketing, PPC ads, and SEO. Here’s a direct guide from Google to get conversion tracking.

With Google Webmaster Tools, you’ll need to make sure you do not have a lot of 404 errors and that you have a loaded XML sitemap. Make sure everything is configured correctly. Here’s a great publication by KissMetrics about configuring Google Webmaster Tools.

SEO for Startups Strategy – Site Speed Optimization / Mobile Friendly

Did you visit a website and it was too slow to press the back button? What about trying to contact a company on your mobile device and nothing happens when you click the phone number?

What is the common denominator? Something that has been very frustrating to you has probably left the web page that you were visiting. In order to access Google’s good grace, you’ll want to play according to its rules. Make your site fast You can find out what needs to be improved by navigating to their site speed insights tool. Just enter the URL of the page you want to test for speed and ease of use, and Google will tell you what the page needs to fix or improve. It will also tell you what improvements are found if any. Be sure to work on any items you need to work but keep in mind that you do not need to get 100 out of 100, so that Google has a degree on mobile is not great. Many sites still rank very well although the page speed vision report is not perfect.

To fix these elements, you’ll probably need a website developer to take care of each action element. Do not worry if you are not 100 years old. If you can get more than 80 for mobile and desktop, then you are in good shape.

It was confirmed not long ago that a logarithm update was launched to suit mobile devices. So make sure that your theme or your website is easy to use. It is extremely important these days, especially if you are working in a competitive area where almost every industry exists on the Internet these days.

SEO for Startups Strategy – Content is Critical

You probably read, “Content belongs”. Well, it’s a crucial element in SEO. Your first goal is to be an expert in your field and to share this information with potential visitors. After your website structure is intact, you’ll need to write at least 600 words about that specific topic.

You’ll want to go to or your favorite keyword search tool to group your keywords by page / product category / service / etc. Do not go here to find keywords just to enter into your page. Our goal is to find the search term with the highest search volume so you can use the most searchable forms in the first sentence, use the shapes in the titles, alt tags, etc.

Write your heart giving industry tips others pay money to. There are many possibilities you will not have time to serve you and will not have the experience. But hey, for the few that are DIY, they certainly appreciate it. The more content the better. We write more than 1000 in many cases. Just know, if you’ve reached that limit in our SEO strategy, you’ll read over 865 words already!

As not being stingy, make sure you are connected to reliable or reliable sources. This does not mean you have to link with your competitors! Google shares other well-known websites and gives readers an opportunity to learn from reputable sites.

Make sure that the sections are divided into addresses. This is done with the head tags. Think of such chapters that separate ideas. Look at the headers (big words) above, and you’ll see that they’re related to certain aspects of SEO for startups. Strategy is not difficult as long as you know what to do! Using addresses, you do not always want to use h1 (the largest).

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