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Implementation Of Important Steps In The Social Media Strategy

One of the biggest challenges to implement an effective marketing strategy in social networks is time. When I ask people about their social media strategy for their company, I often get answers like:

  • “Oh yes, we have a Facebook account, but we don’t really post on it.”
  • “I think we created an Instagram account last year?”
  • “We created an account and started posting, but no one had time to post afterwards.”

If you have a similar response, you are by no means the only one. That said, implementing an effective social media marketing strategy can be easier and require less time than you think.

It’s about efficiency and going step by step. In this article, I will describe more important steps you must take to ensure that you cover your bases and maximize your marketing efforts on social media marketing .

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Step 1: “Do You Even Need Social Media?”

I listen to things like this all the time: “Well, I know we have to be in social networks, we just do not make it”.

Take a step back and look at the larger image. What are your business goals for one year, three years, in five years? What is the marketing and sales plan to get there? What resources can you use to get there? What tactics do you implement to get there? Will social networks be one of those tactics?

If you have limited resources and your customers do not plan to buy your product or service when they are on the social media platform mentioned above, it is advisable to invest those resources in more lucrative channels.

Step 2: Which Channels Should You Be On?

You must assess who your target group is and where they spend their time.In which groups do they participate? What platforms do they use? And, what is more important, where do they conduct their research before making a purchase?

Step 3: Set A Goal

Many people skip this step and jump immediately to the publication.

I strongly support that you should not start a marketing project without having an objective or result in mind. For this you must consider what you use each social platform for. Do you want to increase brand awareness? Do you improve lead generation efforts? How will you measure the relative success of brand awareness or the lead generation process?

Step 4: Make A Strategy

Now that you have a goal or goals in mind, how do you achieve them? How will you ensure that people interact with your brand on social media?

You must make a plan for the types of content you will publish, when you post messages, copy guidelines, guidelines for images, etc.

Step 5: Delegate

You have done the hard work, setting goals and developing a strategy that is so important, and therefore underestimated. Having a strategy document is like a North Star with which you can return and / or direct people.

The next step is to give someone the leadership in the implementation of that strategy.Here you can be creative with your resources. Of course, you can outsource to another company, but, frankly, the content will not be as honest and honest as when it is published by someone who is part of your daily business activities. If you have the option of hiring a marketing representative, excellent, but you do not necessarily have to. If you strictly follow someone’s steps, you should be able to implement an effective social media strategy in a few hours a week, including time for daily participation.

Step 6: Create A Library With Content

I suggest doing this once a month. The person responsible for implementing the social strategy should also be responsible for collecting content.The photos are everything. It needs intriguing, quality and video images (ideally) to have an apparent strategy in social networks.

If you have a professional photographer who takes pictures for your product or service, ask them to pick them up at a place to take them out. Otherwise, ask someone to collect one or two days of photos / videos to add to the library.In addition to the photos, it collects all written content elements. Ideally, most of this content is the content you have created, but you can also use Internet content that is relevant to your brand.

Step 7: Plan It Out

I suggest to plan two weeks of content at the same time: take an hour to assign different images, content and subtitles that you will share in the coming weeks.

Be sure to follow the guidelines you have written. Once your content has been created (and approved if necessary), you can plan the content for two weeks through a tool such as Buffer.

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