The Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas

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We compiled ideas based on the objectives of the Code publication. That way, you write publications that best suit your needs, rather than simply post posts.

Useful functions
Generous posts
The posts are entertaining
Posts in time
Human Posts
Promotional Posts
Controversial posts
Involve posts

Here’s the final list of blog post ideas, so you do not face the block of the blog again.
Useful functions

Useful Posts

The list of jobs is everywhere, and for good reason … the action drops. Create a list of books, tools, resources, or anything the market will find useful.

How-To Post

The How-To Post is the idea of ​​publishing another basic blog. This publication describes how to perform an operation and uses images, video or audio to enrich the publication and make it as easy as possible for the visitor to take action.
Post Case Study
Using the “case study” in your title makes your article seem more valuable than a regular blog post. Weight bearing case studies; you know that you will learn something from a publication to study the case because they always open the bonnet on something we would like to know more about. A direct experience makes these functions extra juicy.

Research Post

Doing your basic research on a topic in your niche is one of the best ways to build compelling blog content.
This framework will not only take you into account as an authority, but this publication can also be a valuable resource, and other blogs will link to your search. We all know what happens when another website links to your site – your search engine ranking increases.

Checklist Post 

If the content you deliver can be broken down into a “checklist,” performance is often better. People like the checklist format because it’s easy to digest and act when content is categorized in this way.

The Ultimate Guide Post

The final publication of the manual is what it looks like – a detailed and comprehensive publication about the subject in your niche. The most important part of this publication is that you remain true to your word. If you promised the final guide, you are offering the best.

Definition Post

In ports where there may be complex ideas or confusing terms, the definition function is necessary. Consider creating a series of functions that define aspects of your niche.
What basic knowledge does your client need to know?

Series Post 

Look for opportunities to divide a topic into a series that can be released daily over a week or a month. Link these articles to each other as they are published.

Stats Post

This publication (such as Research Post) works best when you use the statistics you produced. However, consider formatting statistics and collecting them from multiple locations to create a good statistics publication. These publications are also great reference points for other blogs to use and can help your SEOs.

Pillar Post

Pillar Post uses always-essential content for your company to create a content column that you can link to a lot. This helps create a constant source of traffic for you and your business.
This can be really useful if you’re just starting out on your blog and need a good foundation for the content. Remember, you can always get more than one column.

Video Review Post

With your video review posted, just review a video that’s related to your audience. This can be done either as a review of the entire video, or you can take screenshots, add annotations, and merge the video into your post.

Tips Post

Here’s a very easy way to create a blog post. Just compile a list of tips for your audience. These can be tips on how to do something better, tips to get a good deal about something, or any other topic that is relevant to your audience.

SAQ Post

The Ask Ask Question Post is a diversity of frequently asked questions. This is a question not posed by customers or potential customers – but they must.
What are your customers always looking at so you can highlight it?

Tools Post

As with Tips Post, this is an easy way to stay useful with your audience. Just publish a list of tools that you think your audience will find useful. You can evaluate, review, or make it just a simple list.

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Human Posts

Inspirational Post
Some of the most effective content on the web is not informative or entertaining – it’s simply an inspiration. This type of deployment can work well like publishing a story, posting a profile, or sharing a quote among others.

Holiday Post 

Some blogs are wasted on popular holidays while others use the opportunity to offer good wishes to their audience and display their humanity. For example, you can write articles about holidays and how they affect your business.

Guard-Down Post

When the content designer allows caution by providing a deep personal experience that relates to the audience, the audience will feel more connected to you and your company. So go ahead and get vulnerable.

Behind the Scenes Post

If you have a loyal follower, they’ll want to see what’s going on behind the scenes for the content you can create. Transparency creates a stronger connection between you and your client.

Behind the scenes another connect us. It shows you guys that we are not bigger or better, we play the same game and want to be your team mate, not your opponent.

Off-Topic Post

This may be risky, but if you have a loyal follower who is used to covering a specific set of topics, this type of publication can shock them and get a great response.

Rant Post

The noisy publication appears on your human side by revealing your passion and anger about a topic that is relevant to your audience. This type of publication is dedicated to a particular brand whose customers will not feel alarmed by their anger. We do not have any examples of the Digital Marketer we are offering on this kind of publications because that is not our brand.
For some brands, this type of publication will become Russian in your community.

Home Runs Post

From celebrating triumphs (which is also one of our core values!) And talking about things when things go well. Your company’s participation is shared in the blog post so that your audience can see what you’re doing and it’s working (hopefully we’ll use that knowledge themselves).

Bloopers/Mess-Ups Post

Just as it is for man to celebrate victories, it is human to fail and learn from them. Introducing your customers to the mess will help them see you as a human being, and they will feel more connected to you.

Generous Posts

Profile Post

Profiles profiles the profile of the influential person in your place. The most important part of this publication is its lack of publication and forgetfulness. Do not expect a person to know remotely that you have just written a deadly blog that highlights them.
Tag them and tag them in your Instagram story to promote, bookmark, and email Facebook, and if you can, contact them. What it’s about is to see your profile and share it with your audience (so you get more traffic).

Promotional Posts

Comparison Post

Create a post that compares the features and benefits of your product to competitive solutions. This is the perfect opportunity to:

  1. Highlight what your product does really well
  2. Highlight what your product does poorly

If you feel hesitant to talk about what your product doesn’t do—it’s normal. But, this transparency builds trust. If you’re honest about what you can and can’t give your customers, you’ll find the right customers who only need what you can provide and will become raving fans of your product.

Controversial Posts

What If Posts

The success of this type of post rests on your ability to choose a “what if” that is interesting and debatable. Use these questions to get the gears moving:

  • What big changes are happening in my industry that I can speculate on?
  • What big change could happen in my industry that would make a massive disruption?
  • What would happen if my entire industry vanished overnight?

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