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Every year new trends arise with respect to digital marketing and we, as a digital marketing agency in Pakistan, introduce these trends in the market for companies and people. The last year of 2018 was a great year for digital marketing, but even so, there were some gaps and room for improvement, so here are some new trends in the field of digital marketing for you.


The video is becoming more and more popular, and this trend will only become stronger. The existing conjectures show that by 2019, the video will be responsible for 80% of the Internet traffic of consumers. Still not convinced?

The marketers who use the video increase their income, which is 49% faster than those who do not use it.On average, consumers spent 2.6 times more time on the video pages than without it.Part of the reason why video is becoming increasingly popular is accessibility. Even a few years ago, the videos took a long time to load and were difficult to access from the mobile.Now, they are easy to access and there are complete social networks dedicated to videos, such as Snapchat and Periscope. Even Instagram also has a video game interface with Instagram TV.

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Infographics will also be great in 2019. Interactive infographics are also one thing, as they help to convey complex information quickly through interactive images, bright and attractive colors.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation offers you everything an e-mail marketing platform can offer, and much, much more. Most companies benefit from a more sophisticated approach to generating leads, acquiring customers and managing lists. Marketing automation allows you to track your visitors, identify correct prospects and automatically send them the right message at the right time.

Chat Bots

In recent years, we have been communicating more and more with robots. You probably interacted with one the last time you called your mobile service provider. At first, these robots seemed to make problem solving difficult, but over the years they have become smarter thanks to improved artificial intelligence and machine learning.


In 2019 it’s time to be smart about your content strategy. Instead of simply extracting article after article on topics that may or may not interest your prospects, it is important to investigate the issues and create related content that is interrelated.


No, SEO is not dead. While each of the algorithm updates from Google makes the game system less and less an effective strategy, there are still many recommended SEO practices that can have a significant impact on the ranking of your website. A SEO trend of 2019 that should be known is “Zero Position”. The position Zero or position “# 0” is the fragment of highlighted text that appears before the search results.

Voice search

In recent years, digital assistants have been increasing. The sales of Amazon Echo and Google Home have dominated the holiday seasons, even though the technology is still new and is being refined. Consumers also have access to digital assistants on their mobile devices in the form of voice activated search assistants such as Siri, Google and Cortana.

Paid ads – Instagram

Most advertisers are familiar with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but it’s hard to ignore what Instagram has incorporated in such a short time.With more than 800 million active monthly users, 80% of which follow a company, there is the opportunity to expose themselves to the brand. Not only does it have that, but now Instagram also allows tracking conversions in the store.

Integrated campaigns

The most effective marketing campaigns in all channels and reinforce each other. Do not fall into the trap of just taking one or two channels, use them all at once.

Integrated campaigns are considerably more effective than those that only use a single channel. It all starts with a strong core idea, so it’s best to start there and then customize your marketing for each channel.

Influential marketing

Influencer marketing is the equivalent of a celebrity endorsement, but far more convincing to your target audience. By leveraging influential people on social media, you’re able to reach their audience with a voice that they trust. You must use social media platform in order to inform, persuade and remind your customer and in short be friendly and helpful to your customer. Over time you will be recognized as a helpful resource one that other companies want to work with.

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