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Web Hosting in Lahore

You may be currently looking for web hosting for your business on the Internet. If you’ve started to look at what’s on offer, you probably feel a bit lost in the mass of types of offers available. So many companies to choose from and so many packages that seems to be right for our needs.

To simplify, there are 4 main families and types of web hosting :

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting services are traditionally started by selling space on hosting servers to serve multiple devices with one device. A single server can accommodate many different hosting accounts, each with dedicated storage and bandwidth.

VPS Hosting

Our VPS hosting is fully equipped with maximum performance, remarkable power, scalability, and the best flexibility to make you have full control over your website.

Dedicated Hosting

Choosing a dedicated server is always a hectic job due to its specifications. DML has made it easy for you, we offer industry-leading and best-dedicated servers with unbeatable uptime and loading speed as well as ultimate security.

Cloud Hosting

The concept of cloud hosting is that website data is stored on a group of servers interconnected through a network connection like the Internet, and the set of servers is well governed.

Let’s detail these different types of offers to see more clearly and to help you find the ideal web hosting for your project.

Shared hosting (Colocation or shared)

Shared hosting consists of separating a physical machine (a server) into several resalable hosting. With this type of offer, you are then a joint tenant of the machine and as such you are entitled to use its resources (processor, RAM, disk space) with some limitations, however.

This type of hosting is perfect for hosting a blog or a business website. This is actually ideal for a site that doesn’t have a lot of hits and doesn’t consume a lot of resources.

It is the most affordable type of web hosting in lahore offer on the market and one of the most widespread.

VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server)

A virtual private server has, for all practical purposes, the same characteristics as a dedicated hosting, except for the hardware structure. In the case of a VPS, you have a virtual machine installed on a server (usually very powerful) but the physical server is not yours. Usually, you pay for resources on this machine according to your needs (RAM, processor, disk space).

This solution is halfway between shared hosting and the dedicated server. You do server collocation but you have your own machine and your own operating system.

This solution is for people who absolutely need to have their own operating system (SSH access, security, mail server, applications requiring installation of special components).

The cost is therefore much more affordable than a dedicated server and the scalability (RAM, processors, disk space) is configurable at will.

Dedicated hosting

In the case of dedicated hosting, you are offered a complete physical server that will be hosted on the premises of the company that sells you the solution. You can choose the operating system you want to install (Windows or Linux).

This type of machine is useful if you have knowledge (or someone available) in system administration and you want to have all the resources in addition to having full control over your machine.

In general, this type of server is reserved for large projects: E-commerce, large applications (intranet, extranet) and high traffic websites.

However, be careful: a software problem will rarely be taken into account (free of charge) by customer service. You are responsible for configuring and installing software. However, if there are any problems with the machine, they can help you.

Cloud hosting

The concept of cloud hosting is that website data is stored on a group of servers interconnected through a network connection like the Internet, and the set of servers is well governed.

The cloud server network behaves like a single physical computer with unlimited storage space with processing power. Each machine that connects to the server provides a little more resources to the global cloud.

Since the resources essential to the operation of your website are spread over several servers, then this allows your site to adapt to peak traffic and greatly reduces the risk of downtime in the event of a server malfunction.

Our web hosting companies in Lahore packages have previously been built on dedicated, small and dedicated server servers making it easier to respond to the needs of companies that require well-made, effective and effective solutions.

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